About High & Dry

Team High & Dry, or more (in)famously known as the #ponchowelarmy, was born out of the Team's peculiar need to change from their office or school attire to their gym or sports wear in public (as locker rooms are not always readily available), without "exposing" themselves to the rest of the world.

In need of a wardrobe that could address this predicament, the Team designed the first-ever Ponchowel.

The Ponchowel, a blend between the common poncho and high quality fabric towel, not only absorbs sweat and water quickly but also fits comfortably on any body-type. As various Ponchowels have been introduced by the team since then, the Ponchowel has become an excellent, if not, the best partner to have when in the water, sand, grass, or even the shower.

Today, the Team, which has evolved and grown into an Army, not only dresses and/or undresses in public stress-free, but has its eyes set on (r)evolutionizing other products used by the many living an active lifestyle. The Team recently introduced products, such as the Cover Up, for those looking for a cheaper yet functional alternative to the more conventional athletic brands. You can definitely expect more from the Team in the near and distant future. 

Team High & Dry, built for Adventure!